Welcome to Selkia's Upcycled Tee Project

"Why clothing, you are a skincare brand?"

When we started this project, the above is a question we got asked a lot. But we are not just a skincare brand. While we specialise in Australian-made refillable skincare, we are extremely passionate about environmental conservation. This was an idea that came to us when thinking of ways to raise funding for conservation and raise awareness.

The tees sit at the cornerstone of Selkia Skincare's commitment to sustainability and style. Our unique initiative breathes new life into pre-loved t-shirts, ensuring they avoid landfill fate. By choosing not to create new garments, we stand firmly with the slow fashion movement, opposing single-use culture. Adorned with distinctive designs, each piece carries our pledge to ocean conservation and community support."

- Tameryn (Founder, Selkia Skincare)

This project is more than fashion—it's a force for change. Join us in wearing the difference you want to see in the world.

Slow Fashion never looked so good

Upcycled Tees

Upcycled Tees

Explore our exclusive collection of upcycled tees. Each sustainable piece showcases a...