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The Eco Hero - Body

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The eco-hero body box contains three of our favourite body cleaning essentials including a bamboo exfoliating mitt, a rattan soap sock (includes free soap) and a rattan pouf. 

What you get:

1 x Bamboo exfoliating mitt

1 x Rattan pouf

1 x Rattan soap sock

1 x Free bar of soap (Worth $6)

Why we love:

  • Bamboo & Rattan are highly sustainable resources

  • The natural fabrics replenish your skin's barrier by removing dead skin cells 

  • Maintains a healthy skin renewal routine

  • It pairs well with a soap bar or coffee scrub

  • Machine or hand washable. Dries fast when hung by the label in an airy place

Best for:

All skin types

About Responsible Beauty

Responsible beauty incorporates the entire life cycle of a product, from manufacturing to end of life.

- Reduces carbon footprint

- Less need for the creation of new plastics.

- Glass and bamboo products reduce risk of product contamination.

- Recyclable products & packaging.

Our Mission (Not Impossible)

We are on a quest. To slow beauty down by reducing single-use waste, harness authentic ingredients, and use responsible packaging. Together, we can work to help save our planet.