Standing Out From The Beauty Crowd

Standing Out From The Beauty Crowd

We are excited to share with you our journey from the recent Sydney Beauty Expo - an event that brought together beauty enthusiasts, industry experts, and brands from all over.

As always, we were there with a mission: to represent Eco Turtle Life and champion the reduction of waste in the beauty industry, a cause very close to our hearts.

In a world where single-use plastics are the norm, it's not always easy to be the rebel advocating for change. Yet, it's in these moments, standing up for what we believe in, that we feel most alive and most ourselves. Read on to discover key takeaways from the expo, from being unique in a sea of sameness to the power of social media in spreading the message of sustainable beauty.

Being Unique in a Sea of Sameness:

There were over 200 vendors who attended the Sydney Beauty Expo, including other skincare brands, innovation in cosmetic machinery and equipment, anything to do with nails, beauty tools, skin teas, spray tanning and much more.

In this sea of vendors, we emerged as nonconformists. Passionately advocating for waste reduction in the beauty industry, and reducing single-use waste. Needless to say there were one of the only ones standing up against single-use waste, and it was invigorating to be a beacon of sustainability and connect with others who share our enthusiasm for eco-friendly beauty solutions.

There was a beautiful Melbourne based Greek brand next to us, however, called Nefysi, who shared the same ethos as us, i.e. replacing the use of toxic chemicals with more natural plant-based ingredients into the formulas to reduce harm on our bodies. 

Product Standouts:

reusable eye mask

We were overjoyed by the fantastic feedback on several of our products! The standout stars were our Cleanser, Balm, Reusable Eye Masks, and Eye Serum.

Our Cleanser, a customer favourite, was praised for its light, refreshing fragrance, and the incredibly soft, smooth feel. 

The Balm was another hit, with attendees, first for its quick absorption and at the same time, loving its rich, luxurious texture. It's designed to deeply hydrate and repair the skin, and many remarked on the noticeable improvement in their skin's texture and appearance after use.

Our Reusable Eye Masks were a hit for their innovative design and effectiveness in reducing puffiness and dark circles. 

Lastly, our Eye Serum received rave reviews for its lightweight formula and the immediate brightening effect it had on the under-eye area. Many attendees noted the serum's delicate, natural scent and the way it made their eyes look more refreshed and awake.

Witnessing the positive response to products that we've poured our hearts and souls into was incredibly rewarding. 

Addressing the Real Concerns:

We engaged in meaningful dialogues with individual users and beauty salons about their waste-related concerns in the beauty industry. A recurring theme was the aspiration to indulge in pampering without the accompanying waste. This feedback is invaluable as we forge ahead in developing products and initiatives that address these concerns.

On the back of those conversations we will be joining forces in the New Year, with some great Australian brands and business owners to spread the word of refillable and responsible skincare. 

The Power of Social Media:

We were pleasantly taken aback by the number of attendees who had encountered us on TikTok and Instagram!

It was a poignant reminder of the influence of social media and the necessity of maintaining a dynamic and engaging online presence. Special mentions to beauty hacks and sustainable swaps which made all those hours of creation worth it!

Thank you for being an integral part of our online community and for assisting us in propagating the message of sustainable beauty!

In summary, the Sydney Beauty Expo was an illuminating and gratifying experience. It reinforced our dedication to crafting sustainable, eco-friendly beauty products and inspired us to persist in devising innovative solutions to address the concerns of our customers and the beauty industry at large.


Till the next year, stay tuned.

Much love

Tameryn (Founder)

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