Where it all began

Selkia was founded in 2020 on the Northern Beaches (Narrabeen) in New South Wales, Australia.

The idea was spawned out of a very confronting realisation, just how much beauty overconsumption was happening in one household and furthermore around the world.

There was one event which took place which is worth mentioning, which was the ‘moment’ that changed our perception.

We searched our home and collected every product we could find relating to beauty, skincare and personal care. Then placed them on the living room floor. It was a mountain: so many little travel samples, double and triple the same products. The beautiful aesthetic of the bottles and packaging turned into mixed emotions of regret. The amount of money and plastic was overwhelming.

We (Tam & Gav) founded Selkia (previously Eco Turtle Life) on that day. And decided to use our love for beauty, skincare, the ocean and beach, our planet and environmental conservation to good use. To start a quest to help save the planet and spread awareness to stop the over-consumption and single-use plastic.

We are so pleased you are here with us on our slow skincare journey.

Thank you for your support x

Tam and Gav