Pouch Return Program

Welcome to our pouch return program.

What is closed-loop?

The concept of a closed loop system in skincare packaging ties into a larger philosophy of the circular economy model. Where products and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them while in use (like our reusable glass bottles), and then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their service life (like our pouches).

By adopting closed loop skincare, you helping us to reduce the environmental footprint and conserve resources.

How it works:

Simply box up your pouches once a year (you can include other beauty empties), then ship to the below address. You will receive a $10 voucher to spend in store.

Send to Address:

SELKIA Skincare

Parcel Locker 10039 04188

56 Sickle Ave

Hope Island QLD 4212

Return Now


Search our range of refillable skincare and order the reusable glass bottle which comes full of product.

Our clean skincare means:

- Plant-based

- Cruelty-free

- Locally made in Australia

- 95-100% Natural (synthetic chemical-free) ingredients


When your glass bottle is about 3/4 done, order a refill pouch or grab the one you pre-ordered. Alternatively, you can subscribe to save. We have options for buying 1,3 or 5 at a time to make sure you dont run out and reduce shipping emissions/costs.


Gently press the contents of the refill pouch into the bottle. Rinse the excess product out of the pouch and store the pouch in a safe place. We recommend a shoe box or drawer dedicated to empties. The reason behind these steps is to preserve the pouch for its future life.


Once you have collected 5 or more pouches (about a year's worth of one skincare product), its time to send them back to us.

We accept:

- empty, used pouches

- damaged or unwanted products bought from our store e.g. face pads

To be continued

This is the closed-loop system. When we receive the pouches back, they get sterilised, refilled and resold to other eco heroes like yourself. This process is designed to drastically reduce plastic and packaging waste.